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Referral and Medical Records Services

Save time and money by alleviating the burdens associated with the management side of your practice.
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UR Health Medical Referral Management Services In Miami Florida

Referrals Management Services

Our medical practices’ patients enjoy top specialist referrals:

  • Scheduling patient appointments with the best specialists
  • Processing insurance coverage authorization for treatments
  • Scheduling and following up patient reminders
    UR HEALTH Referral Management System manages patient referrals for
    all types of health agencies and facilities including but not limited to
    home health, hospice, and post-acute care. Our centralized system
    accepts referrals in record time, eliminating delayed or even missed

Features available:

Back office Integration
• Eliminates re-entering the referral information
• Saves practice precious operating time
• Automatic transference of referral info to ourback-office clinical
and financial system.

Discharge Planning
Through our discharge planning system we send assessment data
with referrals to the corresponding care level.

Automatic Referrals
• Eliminates missed or delayed referrals
• Eliminates manual re-entry of referral data
• Saves your practice 10-15 minutes per referral.

UR HEALTH receives / respond to referrals via notifications from
electronic and non-electronic sources.

Collect More and faster, Spend less, Minimize your Liability.
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Medical records management services in Miami Florida

Medical Records Management Services

We centralize all patient records on a single digital medical system
(controlled and secured)

  • Charts are prepared prior to patient’s next appointment with
    primary care doctor
  • Updates of all medical records are kept for each patient’s visits to
Collect More and faster, Spend less, Minimize your Liability.
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